Saturday, 5 January 2013

Sale Shopping

We've spent the last couple of days in Liverpool, great for shopping and a ride on the Yellow Duck Marine, Liverpool Eye and the Maritime Museum satisfies the kids, everyone's a winner!

The Boys (Huw 7, Ned 5) were desperate for some bottoms, so I bought a some slouchy skinnies from Gap for Ned, they're just right for his frame and style!  Some Joggers for Huw, I didn't put them in joggers for years, but have decided that they are indeed comfortable and handy to put on and off and I'm all for an easy life!  We also bought them some Hunter wellies, Huw's current ones were 2 sizes too small, I know bad mother!  And the Dalmatian PJ's for Elsi (2), couldn't resist them at £4.99!

As for my purchases, the pink hat from H&M inspired by The Frugality and the scarf by Style Guile (in the style of Jaeger).  Some Topshop Baxter blue jeans, a style I had stayed away from because of the small pockets, but after trying them on I love them!  Also a grey tee from Topshop, I will layer with long sleeve black top underneath and maybe a statement necklace.  And a couple of longline vests from Miss Selfridge (tips from Does my Bum Look Big at 40)

Grey Coat from Zara, the fur one by it's side is my old Aunty Mary's, it came from America, and it's ancient!

High tops from Dorothy Perkins £22, and they are so comfortable and not too 'out there'.

Topshop chunky knit cardigan.  I've also bought some Nike running tights from Sports Direct, I'm running a half marathon in March ( currently up to 8 miles), usually I'm pretty stingy when it comes to running gear (apart from my trainers, I love my knees too much), strange as usually I overspend on everything!

I went to the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar, which is quite simple beauty heaven, high end products all under one sparkly roof!  My only purchase was Mac Warm Soul blusher fro my friend, I had gone a bit mad in Sephora whilst in New York to justify any more spending...there is only so many lipsticks a girl needs right??

I bought this bookshelf from Homebase and it's great for storing shoes, storage is an on going battle in our house, our house has been on the market for 3 years!  So meanwhile we are trying to be as clever as we can with storage solutions, it's fair to say that we are sleeping in my dressing room.

Can't bear the idea of going back to normal on Monday, so much work to do, most holidays I try and work around the kids, but over Christmas I haven't done much at all, trying to have a proper break is hard when you work for yourself.  My online shop needs some attention in the new year,  please take a look.

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